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We are not your ordinary, stereotypical private investigative agency. We approach every case with the understanding that attorneys and their clients expect a lot more than just good investigative skills. A true personal commitment to our constitution must be present when one decides to join the uphill battle defendants face every day in today’s criminal justice system. A defense team is never complete if a criminal defense investigator is not added to the equation as early on as possible in every case.

Lake Washington Investigations can help you to:

  • Uncover and analyze new sources of information, evidence and witnesses.

  • Avoid surprises in the courtroom by controlling information

  • Add a different perspective as you prepare defense strategy and case theories

  • use social media and open source intelligence for background investigations


About Us

Lake Washington Investigations’ sole mission is to provide attorneys with a full circle package of services needed in every civil or criminal case. Whether it is the review, analysis and organization of discovery material, all of the defendant and witnesses interviews, the crime scene examination and documentation, the background investigations or the final reporting and testifying, Lake Washington Investigations' services can be the difference between winning or losing a case. Our agency is committed to gathering, analyzing and reporting the data you need to properly prepare for your cases.

With a mix of international investigative and security consulting experience, Lake Washington Investigations takes on every case knowing what is expected from us: timely results, first class customer service, ethical and compliant policies and procedures, no disruption to your practices’ day to day routine and a healthy return on investment every time you hire our services. When in need of a Criminal Defense Investigator in the Seattle Metro Area, call Lake Washington Investigations and allow us to provide the support you need and high level service you deserve.


"It is better that ten guilty persons

escape than one innocent suffer."

Sir William Blackstone

Credentials and Affiliations

Washington State Private Investigative Agency Lic. No. 2295

Washington State Private Investigator Principal Lic. No. 4404

Criminal Defense Specialist - The Component Method

Board Certified Cyber Intelligence Professional (CCIP) #10905297

Licensed and Insured

Bilingual Staff (Portuguese)

Lake Washington Investigations is a proud member of:

  • Washington Association of Legal Investigators



We are information gatherers, data analyzers,

fact reporters and problem solvers.

Services we offer

  • Strategic Case Review & Analysis

    * Discovery File Review

    * Investigative Timeline

    * Physical Evidence Analysis

    * Investigative Outline

  • Locate, Interviews & Statements

    * Defendant Interview

    * Locate Witnesses

    * Witness Interview

    * Statements

  • Background Investigations

    * Victim and Witness Check

    * Social Media Investigations

    * Open Source Intelligence

    * Expert Witness Check

  • Crime Scene Analysis

    * Review & Analysis

    * Scene Photography

    * Video Documentation

    * Diagrams

Mailing Address:

8512 122nd Ave NE #131

Kirkland, WA 98033